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welded galvanized mesh - galvanized mesh 50x50 price roll 30m width 1.5m Produced in Ukraine, high quality, made of galvanized wire with different mesh. welded galvanized mesh 50x50 in rolls made in Ukraine, Kiev
2 646,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
EKO 50x50x3mm masonry mesh VR1 2.7mm mesh is used for masonry: brick, gas blocks, foam blocks, concrete reinforcement, floors and screeds masonry mesh price Kiev ✔ masonry mesh
88,71 грн per unit for buying at least 100
1 5 5 0
GOST 50x50x4mm masonry mesh BP1 4mm mesh is used for masonry: brick, gas blocks, foam blocks, concrete reinforcement, floors and screeds welded masonry mesh ✔ masonry mesh
152,40 грн per unit for buying at least 80
1 5 5 0
EKO 50x50x4mm masonry mesh VR1 3.6mm mesh is used for masonry: brick, gas blocks, foam blocks, concrete reinforcement, floors and screeds masonry mesh 50x50 price ✔ masonry mesh
159,18 грн per unit for buying at least 30
1 5 5 0
GOST 50x50x3mm masonry mesh VR1 3mm mesh is used for masonry: brick, gas blocks, foam blocks, concrete reinforcement, floors and screeds masonry mesh for brickwork ✔ masonry mesh
83,10 грн per unit for buying at least 120
1 5 5 0
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Masonry grid 50х50 It is used for reinforcing all types of masonry, it is made of wire of different diameter BP, with different cell geometry and cutting. It is applied at laying: - bricks, - foam concrete, - gas block, - shellfish, - ceramic blocks, - armopoyasa. Produced in Ukraine. Welded grid 50х50 - to ask, - buy, to deliver. There were questions, call!

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- Sports grounds

- Large turnkey perimeters (from 1 km)

- Egoza safety barriers

- Country mesh fences

- Fencing of public places

- Gates and wickets

- Gate automation

- Street lighting

- Video surveillance


Masonry mesh 50x50x3

Masonry mesh 50x50x3 ZSK office
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When constructing buildings, builders use various technologies to erect strong structures that can withstand heavy loads. Masonry mesh is widely used to speed up processes, reduce the consumption of building materials, impart strength and durability to buildings and structures.

Masonry mesh for masonry

Masonry mesh 50x50x3 mm is widely used in construction to strengthen masonry, gas silicate, expanded clay concrete and brick masonry. The masonry mesh, which provides increased strength, is installed as an interlayer between the layers of building blocks.

Masonry mesh , consisting of 50 x 50 mm square meshes, is produced industrially from steel wire by resistance welding. The material for the manufacture of rods, resistant to prolonged exposure and temperature extremes, has a density of 2.08 kg/m? with a wire diameter of 3 mm. In order to increase the service life of reinforced masonry, the mesh is often galvanized.

The advantages of metal masonry mesh are:

• resistance to tearing;

• the highest operational reliability;

• wide functionality;

• low expansion coefficient;

• long service life.

Masonry mesh 50x50x3 today occupies 2/3 of the market. The mesh is used in construction to reinforce brickwork in a transverse way to significantly strengthen the joints. In addition, this metal mesh is used for leveling and plastering surfaces. Pre-stuffed onto the surface, the mesh ensures good adhesion of the plaster layer. Products of this type are actively used in agriculture for the construction of greenhouses and corrals.

Grid for laying blocks

Mesh for laying blocks is also used for reinforcement when laying aerated concrete blocks. Aerated concrete is a fairly popular building material that has many positive properties, but, having a porous structure, it is not particularly strong. Reinforcement is acutely necessary when using 200 mm blocks, while the mesh is installed on glue or concrete mortar every 4 rows. When cladding building structures made of large-format blocks, mesh is also used. Installation using masonry mesh prevents cracks and increases the strength of structures.

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