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Mesh for cells
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Оцинкованная проволока


Welded wire mesh for animal cells

In the production of galvanized nets for livestock and poultry are used of steel zinc-coated wire from Ukrainian manufacturers. The coating is applied by hot galvanizing, which is characterized by the greatest protective properties of metallization ( Wikipedia ).

. The finished product has a zinc coating of 7-10 microns, 60-80 gr / m²..

Advantages of welded wire mesh for animal cells:

- precise geometry of cells;

- high-quality welding;

- resistance to atmospheric precipitation;

- resistance to nitric acids;

- easy to wash and clean.

Application of a grid for cells for animals:

Rabbits – a grid with a cell 25.4x25.4mm is used for walls and ceiling, for the floor it`s recommended to use a grid with a cell of 12.7x76.2mm.

Quails – a grid with a small cell size of 25.4x12.7mm with diameters of 1.8mm and 2mm.

Foxes, arctic foxes, ferrets, minks – The grid with a cell of 25.4x25.4mm, 25.4x12.7mm and PVC coated.

ZSK cell grid welded wire mesh for cells

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