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The gate for the fence height 2.4m
Standard Series
Home gate
Home gateStandard gate with lockStandard wicket lockHinge gate Zagrada
1 3.4 5 0
8 489,10 грн each ZSK-BUD InStock Weight: 25 kg
Width: 1 m
Length: 0.08 m
Height: 2.4 m


2,4 м
40х40 мм
section 3D
welded, solid
80х60 мм
hinges M12, lock, Ukraine
pull 90 °, pushing 115 °
hot zinc
PPL (polymer)
green (RAL 6005)
industrial facilities, parking lots, gas stations, security objects


Gate of the Standard series

Wicket door frame:

It is made of galvanized profile pipe 40x40mm and is filled with welded wire 4mm.

Support pillars:

Are made of galvanized rolled section section 80x60.


Galvanized (min 160 g / m2) and coated with polymer. Meet all euro standards.

Wicket Rank:

Strength (frame and poles) -

Fittings (loops) - uy-rating-star ui-rating-full full ">

Security lock) -

Ease of installation and adjustment - >

It comes complete with a mortise lock (Ukraine), and plastic plugs on the supporting poles. The gate is ideal for places with small and medium cross-country (dachas, private houses, gardens, cages, etc.). It can be used in sports facilities with moderate loads (sports grounds, schools). If necessary, you can replace the lock yourself and use it on sites with increased security requirements. Zagrada Wicket Standard Wicket gate Wicket Standard
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