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Grid chain-link h-2.0m
Buy mesh netting for the fence
Длина рулона 10м
Buy mesh netting for the fencebuy a netting for a fenceGrid chain-link 50x50x1.6mm 2m
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852,00 грн each ZSK-BUD InStock Height: 2 m


2,0 м
10 м
roll fence
hot zinc
1,6 мм
50х50 мм
private houses and cottages, gardens


Mesh Galvanized chain-link - one of the most common types of woven mesh - is made from low-carbon steel wire of normal quality with a zinc coating (GOST 3282-74).

The production of this material is carried out from low-carbon steel wire, previously galvanized. This method is not only the most common, but also preferable, since the galvanized steel mesh receives maximum protection against corrosion. It involves the processing of rolled metal by a hot method with the application of a zinc layer of 70-90 grams per square meter of the area of the mesh fabric.

The galvanized fence mesh is formed by twisting the wires at right angles. The end elements are bent to eliminate injuries during transportation and installation. By the way, it is the bent "ends" on the canvas that testify to the quality of the material.

Structural elements are twisted into spirals and connected by flat turns. As a result of this technology, galvanized steel mesh acquires lightness and strength, optimal for a number of tasks. In particular, even with a cell size of 55x55 mm, it is characterized by sufficient strength to serve as a high-quality temporary barrier or part of an animal enclosure. Smaller mesh size (for example, mesh-netting 20x20 mm) is an indicator that galvanized braided mesh is a more durable material. Such a galvanized mesh-netting is intended for surface reinforcement, including fixing dumps in mines and mines.

However, the main area of use of this rolled metal is the construction of fences. Fence mesh galvanized chain-link is used to install protective structures in summer cottages, playgrounds and sports grounds, and other places of general stay. Thanks to the mesh structure, such a fence looks harmoniously on the ground, and with a large cell size (for example, a galvanized 50x50x3 mesh netting), it does not create the feeling of being behind a metal barrier.

Installation is carried out directly on the poles, by stretching the roll cloth and attaching it with wire. To strengthen the structure and give it strength, it is preferable to install it in finished cards - metal frames with a mesh fabric welded to them.

The main advantage of the material is its resistance to corrosion in comparison with the metal that has not been pre-galvanized. The latter can begin to rust after the first rain. Whereas the service life of a galvanized fence mesh-chain-link directly depends on the amount of zinc used in the preparation of the metal. On average, the service life is more than 10 years.

Application of mesh-netting:

fencing of various territories

reinforcement of surfaces for plastering and thermal insulation works

production of fencing sections

production of aviaries and cages for birds and animals

fencing of windows, balconies, gazebos, verandas, flights of stairs, heating batteries

Mesh Zinc-coated chain-link has a number of advantages, thanks to which such mesh has gained immense popularity as a material for fencing:

low cost, compared to other types of fences

ease of installation and dismantling

long-term operation without loss of aesthetic and strength properties

no painting required

The galvanized wire mesh is supplied in rolls of two types:

"volume" - the netting is wound in the usual way;

"compact" - the spirals of the mesh lie in dense rows, as a result of which the roll has a 60-70% smaller diameter compared to a regular roll.

As you can see, a chain-link mesh as a fence is an excellent and economical solution for fencing your site. You save not only money, but also time for installing the fence, since you can quickly install it yourself. And such a fence has a lot of advantages, it protects against unwanted penetration and allows light to pass through in the required volume.

Mesh-chain-link, cell 35x35mm, 50x50mm, galvanized diameter f1.6-f1.8 mm H = 1.2 and H = 1.5m

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- Sports grounds

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- Egoza safety barriers

- Country mesh fences

- Fencing of public places

- Gates and wickets

- Gate automation

- Street lighting

- Video surveillance

Installation of Egoza spiral safety barrier

Spiral safety barrier is an element of perimeter security, the functional properties of the fence and its aesthetic appearance depend on the quality of the material and the correct installation of which. For the correct selection of the specification of the kit from the customer, we are waiting for information on the type of fence on which the Egoza SBB will be mounted (concrete, metal, mesh, etc.) and on its dimensions (height, span width, etc.). After receiving the necessary information, we form a specification of the necessary elements, and provide the customer with several options for approval. We take the approved version to work

Egoza installation is - stretching a barbed cutting spiral over an existing fence. First, the brackets are welded / screwed on, then the guide wire is pulled, and only then the spiral barrier is stretched and fixed to the steel wire with special brackets.

In our care, We use high-quality materials, do not try to save on metal thickness, or use "Chinese" counterparts.

- Safety barrier zinc coated 140 gm 2 , core not less than 2.5mm made of carbon wire, cutting element made of galvanized steel 0.5mm;

- Brackets for welding, reinforced and full size made of a profile 15x15mm with an anti-corrosion coating, during installation such brackets do not bend and allow you to install the safety barrier correctly;

- Guide galvanized wire with a cross section of 2.5mm .

When installing on prefabricated structures sectional fences we use V-shaped and L-shaped (from a U-shaped profile).

Prices for installation work ( price )

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1 Installation of Egoza spiral safety barrier lm UAH 90
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3 Perimeter clearing, etc. pcs. negotiable

* price for installation over 100 lm

We assert that it is easy to install fences, and we do it quickly and efficiently!


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