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The diameter of the wire

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Scope of application

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Grid welded galvanized for cells
2 580,30 грн each
1 0 5 0
Mesh for cells
1 739,70 грн each
1 0 5 0
Mesh for the cell
1 338,00 грн each
1 0 5 0
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Welded Mesh for Cages

The welded galvanized net for cages is used both for industrial and household purposes, from it they make cages for practically all domestic animals (rabbits, broilers, snakes, foxes, harkov, etc.). This grid has a clear geometry of the cell that allows you to make cages by pattern and large cushions. A grid can be made:

- galvanized wire;

- from black wire with further zinc coating;

- from zinc-coated wire with subsequent application of PVC wrapping;

The first option is cheaper due to a simplified technological process, in places of welding, the zinc coating will be destroyed, which will lead to the extinction of corrosion. The second option is more practical and reliable. The third option is more adventurous, more reliable, and more aesthetic (has PVC coatings of green color) The first variant is most often used for breeding birds. For the decomposition of animals with valuable fur use cages made of a grid with an additional coating (second and third variants). Produced in Ukraine.

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