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Fence height

The diameter of the wire

Cell Size

Trading series

Акции и распродажи компании ЗСК
light welded green mesh gate
UAH 4 099,20 грн each
14 4.85714 5 0
Classic 4mm Section 4mm 0.93x2.5m Euroset for fence price. Fence netting manufacturer Ukraine, high quality tekna classic 3D fence with polymer and PVC coating in ZSK warehouse - green netting on the fence Kiev
UAH 522,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
wicket door classic 1m high locinox accessories buy kiev
UAH 6 393,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
ECO post for mesh fence
UAH 296,40 грн each
1 5 5 0
For flower beds 1m section 1.05x2.5m 4mm fence made of mesh 3d Mesh for fences - high quality welded 3D fence of the Standard Color series with polymer and PVC coating, - buy a fence mesh in the warehouse ZSK manufacturer Ukraine
UAH 622,20 грн each
1 4 5 0
Wicket Classic lx
UAH 8 723,40 грн each
4 4.25 5 0
Classic gate
UAH 10 655,40 грн each
1 3 5 0
swing gates
UAH 11 649,00 грн each
1 4 5 0
Mount Classic for mesh fence
UAH 385,20 грн each
1 4.5 5 0
For flower beds 1m Classic 5mm 0.93x2.5m fences made of pvc mesh price. Sectional fences - high quality technology. 3D fence from the manufacturer at the ZSK warehouse. Classic series with polymeric covering - to buy nets for a fence Ukraine
UAH 827,40 грн each
1 5 5 0
Pillar line with fastening 1.5m
UAH 465,30 грн each
1 4.2 5 0
Pole for fastening Rubezh 60x40
UAH 323,70 грн each
1 4.2 5 0
Swing gates
UAH 9 545,60 грн each
1 3.5 5 0
mesh fence. Sectional fences - high quality technology. 3D fence from the manufacturer at the ZSK warehouse. Classic series with polymeric covering - to buy nets for a fence Ukraine
UAH 537,90 грн each
1 5 5 0
забор из сетки - купить забор из проволоки ➤ 1х2,5м ➤ Высокое качество, изготавливается из оцинкованной проволоки секция СТАНДАРТ КОЛОР 5мм ➤ 3d забор производство Украина, склад Киев ЗСК
UAH 780,00 грн each
6 4.7 5 0
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- Sports grounds

- Large turnkey perimeters (from 1 km)

- Egoza safety barriers

- Country mesh fences

- Fencing of public places

- Gates and wickets

- Gate automation

- Street lighting

- Video surveillance


Installing a mesh fence

The specialists of our company carry out installation of turnkey mesh fences. From the desire to install the fence to the actually installed, the customer is separated by several stages.

Stage # 1 Selection of the necessary components:

According to technical documentation or actual measurements and landscape features, we draw up a specification of fencing elements . The client receives several possible options for approval. After confirmation, the selected option is taken to work, the terms are determined, and the contract is signed.

Stage # 2 Preparatory:

Preparation for installation takes place far from the eyes of the client, the company's specialists determine the necessary consumables and their quantity, organize their timely delivery to the object. Also prepare the necessary tools and installation elements. During the construction of regional facilities, they additionally organize everyday life (change houses, warehouses, autonomous food, etc.)

Stage # 3 Installation:

The installers mark the territory, fix the heights and drill the mounting holes in the ground (the diameter and depth of the hole are regulated by the project). In most cases, the installation of the fence begins with the entrance group (wickets and gates), after which they proceed to the installation of the main fence. Assembly and concreting takes place in one day, after 24 hours you can remove the assembly elements.

Stage 4 Completion of the object:

Craftsmen remove the formwork, set gaps on the wickets and gates, and then sign an act of delivery of the object with the client.

Prices for installation work ( price )

# Name of work Unit rev. Price*
1 Installation of mesh railing up to 2m height lm 210 UAH.
2 Wicket installation pcs. UAH 1200
3 Installation of swing gates up to 4m pcs. UAH 1600
4 Installation of sliding gates up to 4m pcs. 14450 UAH
5 Manual development of heavy soil under the pole pcs. 120UAH.

* price for installation from 50m.p. Minimum volume - 20 lm

The cost of installation directly depends on the required amount of consumables and the amount of work. By “scope of work” we mean the amount of fencing to be installed and the specifics of the landscape.

The more fencing needs to be installed, the lower the cost per metro station, and vice versa, the more complex the landscape and soil, the more expensive the installation will be. The preliminary cost of installation is calculated to the customer before the specialists get to the object, and is formed exclusively from the words of the client, in 95% of cases the amount of installation does not change, but there are exceptions when the customer does not know that the fence is being erected on a site with construction waste, etc., or in a forest plantation, in this case, the foremen perform soil development and drilling holes manually, which leads to an increase in the cost of the installation.

We assert that installing fences is easy, and we do it quickly and efficiently!

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