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sports barrage mesh 100x100
142,20 грн each
1 4.5 5 0
gymnasium mesh
348,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
Mesh barrage to buy
106,20 грн each
1 3.7 5 0
gym barriers
302,70 грн each
1 3 5 0
fence nets for gyms
377,40 грн each
1 3.6 5 0
net barrage sports price
84,00 грн each
1 2.8 5 0
net sports barrage price
109,80 грн each
1 3.8 5 0
barrier and sports nets
163,20 грн each
1 3.2 5 0
mesh sports and barrage
150,00 грн each
1 3.2 5 0
sports and safety nets
104,10 грн each
1 3 5 0
mesh sports mesh barrage
185,40 грн each
1 4.7 5 0
sports and safety nets
86,40 грн each
1 3.5 5 0
gym net barrage
475,50 грн each
1 5 5 0
сетка заградительная спортивная
195,00 грн each
1 4.85 5 0
barrage net for gyms
217,80 грн each
1 3.4 5 0
buy a protective mesh
76,20 грн each
1 2.7 5 0
protective nets for gyms
255,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
sports barrage mesh
54,00 грн each
1 2.5 5 0
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Protective mesh
31 5 5 0

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- Sports grounds

- Large turnkey perimeters (from 1 km)

- Egoza safety barriers

- Country mesh fences

- Fencing of public places

- Gates and wickets

- Gate automation

- Street lighting

- Video surveillance


Sports barrage

Barrage sports net price Sports barrage net

Sports barrage in the modern world are quite an important and popular element in the operation of sports facilities. They protect lighting equipment, monitors, glass, information boards.

The advantage of such nets is that they provide comfortable viewing and complete safety for all fans and spectators during games in the stadium and in the hall.

With all of the above, the protective mesh must be of sufficient height and strength. For open areas, special nets are used, which are made of high-quality and high-strength materials, which make these products resistant to sunlight, moisture and sudden temperature changes. These protective nets do not stretch or deform over time. They can be easily hung around the entire perimeter of a stadium or playing area and are just as quickly dismantled. This is definitely a huge advantage and is convenient and practical to use. In addition, when folded, the barrier mesh does not take up much space, has a low weight and is not bulky. Therefore, such a grid is easy to store and use.

Sports and barrage nets

Using modern technologies and materials, such as polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, this type of product acquires optimal strength and reliability.

Lightness and simplicity allow you to quickly equip gyms, playgrounds and stadiums.

Such a system can be folded up or to the side. It doesn't matter which system you choose, the main thing is that it has the function of a fence.

Ntechnical characteristics barrier net:

Polyamide (PA) - polyamide fiber is one of the types of material from which barrage sports nets are made.

PA has excellent properties:

✔ resistance to abrasion,

✔ bending,

✔ shock loads,

✔ break.

According to these characteristics, PA is superior to other chemical and natural analogues.

Polypropylene (PP) - Polypropylene fiber is also used for the production of cord mesh.

PP properties:

✔ resistance to salts, alkalis,

✔ UV resistance,

✔ elasticity.

Sports and barrage nets

We made sure that the net is an irreplaceable part of the gym and stadium. We provide the best quality protective nets at the best prices.