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gymnasium mesh
UAH 250,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
sports barrage mesh 100x100
UAH 111,60 грн each
1 4.5 5 0
Mesh barrage to buy
UAH 77,40 грн each
1 3.7 5 0
blanking mesh tip
UAH 519,90 грн each
12 4.8 5 0
fence nets for gyms
UAH 294,30 грн each
1 3.6 5 0
net barrage sports price
UAH 56,10 грн each
1 2.8 5 0
barrier and sports nets
UAH 114,00 грн each
1 3.2 5 0
gym barriers
UAH 204,00 грн each
1 3 5 0
net sports barrage price
UAH 86,40 грн each
1 3.8 5 0
mesh sports and barrage
UAH 104,10 грн each
1 3.2 5 0
sports and safety nets
UAH 82,20 грн each
1 3 5 0
gym net barrage
UAH 360,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
mesh sports mesh barrage
UAH 145,80 грн each
1 4.7 5 0
sports and safety nets
UAH 66,60 грн each
1 3.5 5 0
barrage net for gyms
UAH 149,70 грн each
1 3.4 5 0
сетка заградительная спортивная
UAH 142,50 грн each
1 4.85 5 0
protective nets for gyms
UAH 186,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
buy a protective mesh
UAH 56,10 грн each
1 2.7 5 0
sports barrage mesh
UAH 50,10 грн each
1 2.5 5 0
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Gym net
31 5 5 0

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2. Kiev - from UAH 500. (14 UAH / km Region)

3. Ukraine "Nova Poshta", "Delivery", "SAT"

- Sports grounds

- Large turnkey perimeters (from 1 km)

- Egoza safety barriers

- Country mesh fences

- Fencing of public places

- Gates and wickets

- Gate automation

- Street lighting

- Video surveillance


Installation of the sports ground fence

The specialists of our company carry out turnkey installation of mesh fences, from the desire to install the fence to the actually installed one, the customer is divided into several stages.

Stage # 1 Selection of the necessary components:

According to the technical documentation or according to actual measurements and functional loads, we draw up a specification of the elements of the fence, and submit it for approval to the client, after confirmation, we take the chosen option into work and sign the contract. Fencing elements for football fields , for workout and basketball .

Stage # 2 Preparatory:

Preparation for installation takes place far from the eyes of the client, while the production is preparing the kit for shipment, the company's installers determine the required amount of consumables, and organize their timely delivery to the object. Also prepare the necessary tools and installation elements. During the construction of regional facilities, they additionally organize everyday life (change houses, warehouses, autonomous food, etc.)

Stage # 3 Installation:

Experts mark the territory, fix the heights and drill mounting holes in the ground (depth from 1m, diameter from 250mm). After the 1st floor of the perimeter structure is mounted and exposed, concrete is poured. The final stage comes in a few days, after the concrete has acquired the necessary strength, the installers assemble the 2nd floor of the structure and remove the mounting elements, mount the protective mesh.

Stage 4 Completion of the object:

The craftsmen set gaps on the gates and gates, after which they sign an act of delivery of the object with the client.

Prices for installation work ( price )

# Name of work Unit rev. Price*
1 Installation of a fence up to 3m high lm UAH 335
2 Installation of a fence up to 4m high lm 360UAH.
3 Wicket installation pcs. UAH 837
4 Setting gate 2.5m pcs. UAH 1545
5 Installing the safety net sqm UAH 44
6 Manual development of heavy soil under the pole pcs. 116.10 UAH

* price for installation from 100 lm

We assert that installing fences is easy, and we do it quickly and efficiently!

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blanking mesh tip
UAH 519,90 грн each
12 4.8 5 0
gymnasium mesh
UAH 250,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
gym net barrage
UAH 360,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
protective nets for gyms
UAH 186,00 грн each
1 5 5 0
сетка заградительная спортивная
UAH 142,50 грн each
1 4.85 5 0
sports barrage mesh 100x100
UAH 111,60 грн each
1 4.5 5 0

Barrier gym net

gymnastics mesh Barrier gym net

With the help of a safety net, one sports zone can be divided into several zones, and each zone can be used for a specific sport. Such nets are usually suspended from the ceiling, they are often mobile and resemble a curtain

The main function of the protective nets is to prevent the departure of the sports equipment from the training zone. Fencing nets are used to protect walls and windows in sports halls, as well as to protect fencing on open football fields. Such a net perfectly dampens the energy of the ball hit and increases the life of the football field at times.

Three main parameters for the safety net:

1) Material

2) Thread diameter (larger diameter - higher strength)

3) Cell size (the ability of the mesh to retain sports equipment).


A protective net on football fields is mounted behind the goal, in the "strike zone" at a distance of 0.5-1 m from the net fence. To effectively catch the ball, the net must be either heavy or fixed from above and below.

We recommend using a mesh with a diameter of 4.5 mm with a mesh size of 50-70 mm, such a mesh does not need to be fixed to the base, due to the fact that it is mounted without tension increases its service life.

Barrier nets for gyms

In sports halls, protective mesh is used to protect walls, windows and sports equipment. When properly installed, the safety net will prevent the ball from hitting the wall.

Material property and quality:

Polyamide (PA) - polyamide fiber is one of the types of material from which barrage sports nets are made.

PA has excellent properties:

✔ resistance to abrasion,

✔ bending,

✔ shock loads,

✔ break.

According to these characteristics, PA is superior to other chemical and natural analogues.

Polypropylene (PP) - Polypropylene fiber is also used for the production of cord mesh.

PP properties:

✔ resistance to salts, alkalis,

✔ UV resistance,

✔ elasticity.