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Fencing mesh for sports grounds. Mesh fence - high quality technical sports. Fence netting manufacturer's price in ZSK warehouse. PROM series with polymer coating - fence sections Ukraine
1 459,50 грн each
1 5 5 0
Playground fencing. A fence made of a mesh - high quality techna sport buy a mesh for a fence of the PROM series with a polymer coating - fence nets in a warehouse ZSK manufacturer Ukraine
829,80 грн each
12 4.4 5 0
sports barrage mesh 100x100
142,20 грн each
1 4.5 5 0
Sports field wicket
8 121,60 грн each
1 4.5 5 0
Wicket of the Prom series for sports grounds
11 533,20 грн each
1 5 5 0
Sports ground fencing. Mesh fences - high quality technical sport prom. Fencing sections from the manufacturer at the ZSK warehouse. Welded mesh with polymer coating - fence mesh price Ukraine
1 195,20 грн each
14 5 5 0
blanking mesh tip
757,80 грн each
12 4.8 5 0
fence for a sports field from a welded mesh prom
2 447,30 грн each
1 5 5 0
Metal mesh for fencing sports grounds. Mesh fences - high quality technical sport prom. Fence section from the manufacturer at the ZSK warehouse. Welded mesh with a polymer covering - a mesh for a fence to buy Ukraine
2 139,60 грн each
24 5 5 0
Mesh gates SPORT
11 596,20 грн each
1 4.6 5 0
sports and safety nets
104,10 грн each
1 3 5 0
забор техна спорт - ограждение спорт пром ➤ 1.03х2.5м ➤ Производится в Украине, высокое качество, изготавливается из оцинкованной проволоки 8мм. ➤ секционный забор производство Украина, склад Киев ЗСК
2 185,00 грн each
4 5 5 0
забор для спортивной площадки - забор 2д цена ➤ 2.03х2.5м ➤ Производится в Украине, высокое качество, изготавливается из оцинкованной проволоки 8мм. ➤ заборы из металлической сетки производство Украина, склад Киев ЗСК
3 870,00 грн each
12 5 5 0
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Metal mesh for a football field
23 5 5 0

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Football field mesh

Playground fence ZSK office

In the modern world, playing sports and keeping people fit are of great importance. A modern person spends a lot of time sitting or leads a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the formation of an active and healthy lifestyle is an important factor in strengthening the health of citizens of each country. If earlier it was easier to go in for sports, then in the conditions of megalopolises and limited space, you need to find such a space and equip places for sports.

Playgrounds in cities and towns require a proper fence to enclose the playground. This need is dictated by considerations of the safety of athletes and spectators. Fences for sports fields are a barrier against the penetration of strangers into the sports field and prevent sports equipment from flying out of the field.

Buy a fencing for a mini football field

Today, when buying a fence for a sports field, the customer pays attention to the basic characteristics such as:

- the height of the fence of the sports ground - must be at least 2.5 meters;

- the presence of an entrance group, access points to the sports ground - gates, gates;

- the material from which the fencing of the sports field is made - must have a high level of light transmission and sound transmission.

In addition to the direct functions that the fence of the sports ground will perform, you need to pay attention to additional factors.

Therefore, when buying a fence for a sports field, it is important to consider:

Safety - complete absence of dangerous sharp corners, as well as other design features that can lead to injury;

Strength - the material of the canvas must withstand mechanical and climatic loads throughout the entire service life;

Durability - the fences and fences of the sports ground must comply with the specified design parameters for at least 30 years from the date of construction of the facility (except for minor repairs or replacement of part of the structures);

Aesthetics - the construction of the sports field fence should organically fit into the landscape and clearly correspond to the sports facility, taking into account the geometry and color design.

Therefore, before buying a fence and fencing for sports grounds, the customer takes into account all of the above factors and conditions. It is easy to understand that the optimal type of fencing for sports fields is a sectional fence made of welded 3D panels.

Panel fencing for sports grounds

Structurally, each section is welded from longitudinal and transverse rods. The diameter of the rods can vary from 3 to 6 mm, depending on the purpose of the object. As a result, we get a highly durable product with a high level of light transmission due to the cellular shape of the fence.

Considering that the height of the fence is - not less than 2.5 meters, the fences are mounted using a vertical profile pipe. The pillars are dug in and concreted. To increase the strength, the section has at least 3 or 4 stiffeners, which gives the structure volume and bulge.

Since sports grounds are designed and built in open space, the material must withstand the action of natural and climatic factors. You can buy a fence for a playground that meets these requirements as much as possible - galvanized rod and polymer coating. Additional attractiveness is created by color shades. With the help of color, you can zonally divide, for example, football, basketball, volleyball or tennis courts.